Voimaosakeyhtiö monitors the development of the situation in Ukraine


The international situation has worsened in recent days, and a major armed conflict is now a reality in Europe. Naturally, we are deeply sorry for the events taking place in Ukraine. The employees of Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi project also have family and friends in the area, and we are concerned about them.

Assessing the ramifications of the events for VSF is a very complex legal and financial process. How the European Union and Finland react as the situation in Ukraine progresses is highly relevant to this process. In addition to foreign and security policy considerations, VSF analyses the situation especially from its shareholders’ point of view. National climate policy also has to be taken into consideration in this equation, as Hanhikivi is an essential factor in achieving the Finnish government’s climate goals. We will be following the situation and its development very closely and will assess any possible consequences for VSF and its shareholders in the coming weeks.