Voimaosakeyhtiö SF strongly condemns Russian war aggression in Ukraine


The Russian invasion to Ukraine has brought inconceivable human suffering to Ukrainians. Media photos on destroyed cities and towns, murdered civilians and mass graves are something one never could have believed to see in the centre of Europe anymore. Russian actions in Ukraine are strongly condemnable and all possible measures to stop the war should be done.

Many have publicly post the well founded question whether Hanhikivi 1 project should be immediately discontinued in the current environment and form. Voimaosakeyhtiö SF concurs that risk of such outcome is indeed material. When addressing mega, over 7 billion euro project, the international contractual environment is very complex and do not offer any simple and fast solutions that would be of the Finnish shareholders’ best interest. The existing and possible new sanctions are creating further complexity as well as changing the environment all the time. Making decisions without proper analysis and consideration in this situation could prove to be very expensive for our shareholders. Voimaosakeyhtiö SF’s aim is to minimize this risk with all available means.

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